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Dear A2Z Homeopathy,

I cannot thank-you enough for your graciousness in donating part of the cost for the homeopathy first aid kit. It is greatly appreciated and literally changed lives while we were on the mission trip in Haiti. One of our students came down with a severe case of hives to which the only answer was Belladonna 30c. The remedy went to work immediately and the studentwas able to recover and continue working alongside the other team members.
THANK-YOU! Other situations evolved as well where remedies were rapidly put to work to include helping one youth recover from nausea and another one fight off some respiratory issues. The book that you recommend along with the remedies was exactly the right solution. The kit was so effective that I will admit that I'’ve come home without it & the book!
(It will receive a lot of good use and I can get another one… once I
recover from the expense of the mission trip).

Until I can manage another kit, I really just wanted to let you know how effective your remedies are and to thank-you again

Homeopathy Heals!



May 17 & 18 / 2014


"Natural Remedies for Modern Diseases"

The Center for Homeopathic Education --NYC