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Homeopathy Books

Homeopathy Books We carry a complete selection of books on homeopathy and related health topics, from beginners introductory texts and reference books to the most complete Materia Medicas and Repertories and therapeutic books. You can choose from 200 years of written literature to enhance your knowledge of this legendary system of healing.

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also available in a hardbound edition
the original treatise on the treatment of chronic disease with the first exposition of the theory of miasms
one of the original translations into English
one of the most accurate translations from German into English
many of his shorter writings on health and hygiene, nutrition, etc
Hahnemann's original provings of the remedies he used, an invaluable text that reveals much about his thought and concepts of homeopathy
condensed version of the philosophy without the cases; interesting information about dry and water potencies
a comparative text of these two editions, good for contrast and analysis of his change of thought on the subject of presecribing; Kent knew of and taught only the 5th edition
$55.00/HARDCOVER/ $29.95/PAPER -- Hahnemann's last edition (6th) of his thesis on the theory of medicine rendered in a very readable text with a modern translation
this is THE book on homeopathic prescribing for our small animal companions; Dr Hamilton has included a wonderful intro to homeopathy at the beginning, and chapters on all major topics in veterinary prescribing; this along with Dr Pitcairn's book make up a very complete and complementary approach to healthy animal care
mostly about his second wife's, Melanie's, involvement with Hahnemann & their life in Paris, with insight into Hahnemann's practice with LM's and the writing of the 6th edition of the Organon; also tells of Melanie's mistreatment after his death
-- this book answers the most important questions about case management in a clear, accessible way; it takes the reader step-by-step through interpretations of remedy reactions and second prescription decisions in a coherent approach to successful treatment of complex cases to improve accuracy in prescribing and case management skills; includes chapter on LM prescribing; 165 pages
an acute, home prescribing book that is still quite relevant today; this book was a big part of healthcare on the wagon trains and the western frontiers of America, used with kits purchased from homeopathic pharmacies at the beginning of the Old Santa Fe Trail in St Louis
(IND) a definitive encyclopedia of materia medica, easy to understand and use, at a great price
Dr Herscu's book presents a practical understanding of some of the more prominently used constitutional remedies for children; an excellent guide for the practitioner in the effective treatment of the underlying circumstances of disease in children
"A quick qnd easy guide to common disorders and their homeopathic treatments" alphabetically arranged and nicely illustrated
the best book we know of for the use of homeopathy for structural problems, presented in a user friendly and practical format; easy to read and easy to use
a quick and easy guide to common disorders and their herbal treatments

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