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Homeopathy Books

Homeopathy Books We carry a complete selection of books on homeopathy and related health topics, from beginners introductory texts and reference books to the most complete Materia Medicas and Repertories and therapeutic books. You can choose from 200 years of written literature to enhance your knowledge of this legendary system of healing.

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the most complete materia medica information available, gleaned from the most valuable parts of many of the older classic works; one volume carry it anywhere text
1422pp …A reworking of 195 remedies, with information drawn from many different sources, mostly non-homeopathic; headings include plant classification, description, features, folklore, history, mythology, properties, provings, ritual, symbolism, etc; this book is an attempt to fill in our knowledge of the remedies with a view of understanding its traditional uses and modern scientific analysis
materia medica notes from his classes
cases that worked, cases that didn't; frank discussions of case management with the use of homeopathic medicines, taken from his classes in Greece; I always find this book fascinating to read

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