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After many years of providing Homeopathic remedies to select customers, Natural Health Supply has opened our on-line store to make our products even easier for everyone to obtain. From our new site, you may order remedies in all the potencies we offer, in different pellet sizes and vial sizes. As the interest in Homeopathy and its many uses grows, we have made it even easier to obtain and enjoy the benefits of Homeopathic Remedies. We invite your comments about your experience of shopping on our new site. Email us at

Dear A2Z Homeopathy,

I cannot thank-you enough for your graciousness in donating part of the cost for the homeopathy first aid kit. It is greatly appreciated and literally changed lives while we were on the mission trip in Haiti. One of our students came down with a severe case of hives to which the only answer was Belladonna 30c. The remedy went to work immediately and the studentwas able to recover and continue working alongside the other team members.