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An excellent way of building a Homeopathic Pharmacy in the clinic or home. All four of our Professional Kits (100 unique remedies each) in a selected potency for a total of 400 remedies, instantly available to you. Half dram glass vials with #10 small pellets, which can be used dry or easily mixed in water.
Other potencies are available for the individual kits separately. We recommend having a good Repertory (Murphy, Complete, Synthesis, etc) and Materia Medica (Murphy, Morrison, Vermullen, Phatak etc) for reference.

Pro Kit I, II, III & IV in selected strengths; 100 remedies per kit; all unique, no duplicates; 400 remedies in all, at a discounted price; Pro Kit I GROUP includes only Pro Kit I remedies
Pro Kit I
Pro Kit II
Pro Kit III
Pro Kit IV