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Homeopathy Books

Unknown Tag: 'Title' We carry a complete selection of books on homeopathy and related health topics, from beginners introductory texts and reference books to the most complete Materia Medicas and Repertories and therapeutic books. You can choose from 200 years of written literature to enhance your knowledge of this legendary system of healing.

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A short but useful introduction to using homeopathic remedies. Chapters include: The meaning of homeopathy, Homeopathic philisophy, Choosing the Remedy, Managing the situation
This book helps to bring into focus the fundamental emphasis on interpretation of dreams: the significance of symbols and situations to perceive what actually may be the meaning behind our dreams. In homeopathy, this knowledge can help in the selection of the right remedy with a better understanding of the mind of the patient.
mostly about his second wife's, Melanie's, involvement with Hahnemann & their life in Paris, with insight into Hahnemann's practice with LM's and the writing of the 6th edition of the Organon; also tells of Melanie's mistreatment after his death
differntial therapeutics, differential materia medica, a wealth of information gleaned from years of equine experience, turned into easily understandable homeopathic guidance
This book contains an alphabetical listing of remedies commonly used with small animals and their therapeutic applications. The author is a British Veterinarian.
A concise handbook on childbirth and delivery, meant for the midwife
Gentle therapy for our animal friends using the Bach Flowers
Dr Edward Bach recognized that many of his patients' physical ills were direcdtly related to certain negative states of mind and discovered 38 flower and herbal remedies that work on the deep disharmony in patients to help in their recovery. Ms Scheffer describes the flower remedies so that anyone will gain a deeper insight into the remedy's underlying psychological concepts. Her book, which includes lists of symptoms to facilitate diagnosis, is an excellent guide for practitioners and lay readers alike.
A concise one volume text that covers many of the topics useful in explaining some of the breadth and depth of homeopathy and its clinical applications
A valuable book on the Cell Salts
This is a small but useful pamphlet on the uses of remedies to treat aspects of this disease, divided into constitutional polycrests and more specific remedies he has used for pain, tumors, specific organ involvement.
A book on homeopathic treatments for common cat ailments

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